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lunedì 10 aprile 2006

Goodbye, Italy.

Well, i decided to turn language here, from italian to english, because i'm not Italian anymore.
Fuck you little bastard, fuck you that you are blind and you can't realize what you did today.
We had just 1 opportunity to change our little Italy, but you put it inside a trash box.
Ok, man, my english is not so good, i'm sure that i'll do a lot of mistakes, but i don't care a lot, i just want to become different, because today i'm not Italian anymore.
Sverige, wait me, i'll come. I need to stay alone, i need snow, i need clever people.
I can have the first and the second point here, but not the 3th.

Rescue me, help me,
i wanna move in Stockholm.

7 commenti:

DoLceMoneLLa ha detto...

no words, no sounds, no love

Lenny ha detto...

you're right... it's a shame.
I'm shamed to be Italian.
I want to move away..

Andrew ha detto...

bwhahahaha so wht do I have to say?

kisses all over...ITALIANS!


goodnightmoon88 ha detto...

hello or goodbye jacko. have a good trip. i'll think about you wherever you'are. and my heart'll fly to you. only rumours i'm writing on this fucking moorning.
the light 's shadow in my sadness. it's raining again here.
i'll tell you this: ass-fuck life, don't kill it.

italian Psycho ha detto...

Italians do it better....non vedi che capolavoro ne è uscito? No words... -.-'

porcosenzali ha detto...

ma che sei sguaiato!!!!

Jacko83 ha detto...

well i'm sguaiato.. :D yes i am.. what do you think about?
i'm lazy, and i'm quite sure that i'll turn my italian soon here..
but.. i just want to change something..
so thank you everybody for your words, i'll love every single words that you'll write here for me.