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martedì 21 novembre 2006

stone magazine

Stone is an online magazine for different kinds of unrestrictedly-practised art.
It is also an experiment at the point of intersection between graffiti and graphic design, as well as graffiti writing, computer-based design, or every other kind of art. In each edition, STONE would like to give comers and artists the opportunity to present themselves and their work. Each artist is given the liberty to design the layout of their pages.

STONE shall become a communication platform and give artists the chance to get some feedback regarding their work. We believe this is valuable input especially for still unknown artists.

questa la premessa, scaricatevi da www.stone-magazine.de il numero 6, dove trovate 2 mie fotografie :)

2 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

How much ads!!
Anyway, I'll have a look. Thanx

Ilaluna84 ha detto...

Darò un'occhiata.